Twizzlers Gummies Peach Spritzer - 175g

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Something new from Twizzlers!

Make it Happy Hour all day long with the Twizzlers Gummies Peach Spritzer. This gummy candy is made with the refreshing and tangy taste of succulent and ripe peaches. 

These peach-laden gummies are filled with an enticing and ultra-chewy texture. With every bite, that Peach Spritzer flavour becomes even more apparent.
Providing a soft and chewy experience and a more than quenching taste. These
Twizzlers Gummies are available only for a limited time. They make the perfect candy for a warm summer's day and are sure to induce the fresh and bubbly taste of a peach spritzer!
Cheers to good friends and great candy with the revitalizing taste of the Twizzlers Gummies Peach Spritzer!