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Yakezie Member Post Up Plus Carnivals

Well, I have been very busy and really don’t have a regular personal financial post to share today.  I have been relying on guest posts for a lot of my content on my other blog the last several days.  However, I now have caught up with with the tasks I was hoping to get done so life will be back to a more normal pace.  The only problem is that the weather is starting to get incredibly nice so I am going to have to find some time for golf.

It’s Official

It is official!  I am now a member of Yakezie and my member post has been published.  I have also changed the badge on the right to reflect the new status.  Granted I was already accepted and have simply been waiting for the post to be published, but now I can share it with you in case you missed it.  It is an honor to be a member, and I plan to continue to be involved in the Yakezie Network.  I have developed great relationships with several fellow bloggers and hope to meet some more.

Carnival Links

I have also been a little negligent on posting some carnival links so I am going to go back a few weeks just to make sure that I cover them all.  Fortunately, I have Melissa from Mom’s Plans doing the submission and tracking for me.  I think this is a great service which allows me to focus on some of the other aspects of blogging that I enjoy more, like writing.

Links from 6 days ago:

Carnival of Personal Finance #352 – CFM
Canadian Finance Carnival #79- GPM, CFM
Canadian Finance Carnival #78- CFM
Carnival of Retirement #10 – CFM
Yakezie Carnival – Setting Your Clocks Edition- CFM
Links from 11 days ago:
Carnival of Financial Planning – Edition #226  – CFM
Canadian Finance Carnival #77 – GPM
Finally, links from 19 days ago:
Yakezie Carnival – Daytona Edition – CFM
Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #22 – CFM, GPM
This should catch me up to current dates.  I will have to do better in the future and maybe just attach these as an addendum to the nearest post that I have published rather than waiting for a weekend update post.  Now that spring and summer are coming, weekend activities may well prevent additional posts on the weekend.  Keeping up with the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule will be tough enough I bet.
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Accepted Into the Yakezie Network

I must say that things are looking up.  I got incredible news earlier this week when I found out that I was accepted into the Yakezie Network.  I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I have been working very hard since July publishing at least twice per week.  Later I decided that I would write three times per week and publish on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I have also been trying to take my limited time and get to know some of the other Yakezie members all while trying to get my Alexa Ranking under 200,000.

To do this, I have been getting up routinely about 4:30 every morning to work on the blog for an hour before leaving for work.  There were many days that I wouldn’t even get home until 10 pm.  The schedule has been brutal physically and mentally, but I think it is all worth it since I have been able to enjoy progress with the blog and make some money on the side.  The money has been used to pay off 2 debts so far, and I am now targeting a third.

What is the Yakezie Network?

The Yakezie Network is an assembly of Personal Financial and Lifestyle Bloggers that seeks to help one another achieve their goals as well as help others especially our readers.  The Yakezie Network sponsors a scholarship to help students go to college with as little debt as possible.  The financial advice that you read from the member blogs is second to none and can help you achieve your goals.

My goal is to become debt free over the next several years, and simply through the act of blogging and becoming accountable in print, I have been able to make progress toward that goal.  I am certainly not perfect and will be making mistakes along the way, but I know that I will be much farther along being a part of the network.

Now I will begin working on my member post which is due in three days.  I am not sure what to write yet, but will know it when it hits me.  All I know is that I am incredibly thankful for the new online relationships that I have developed, the encouragement that I have received, and the support that I have enjoyed.  I have received so much more than I feel I could possibly pay back, but I sure aim to try.

Of course the founder of the network, Sam, is to be commended for creating and realizing a vision.  Obviously, there are many bloggers who have derived substantial benefit from the efforts of this one individual.

Thank you, Sam, for the dedication to make the Yakezie a reality!

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Announcing the Winners of the Cash Giveaway

The cash giveaway celebrating my 100th post on this blog ended earlier this week.  I want to thank everyone who entered and decided to subscribe to Cash Flow Mantra or Grand Per Month.  I also want to thank those that tweeted about the giveaway and liked GPM on Facebook.  Interestingly, the three winners won due to different methods of entry.  I thought that was cool.  The winners have already been contacted and responded quickly (two of them within the hour) and have their money.  So, if you are reading this, Congratulations!

I also want to make a special shout out to the Yakezie Network and anyone who published a link to the giveaway in a round-up.  There were many of you, and I owe the success of the giveaway and this blog to each of you.  And I want to make a special mention of online-sweepstakes.com.  It is a great place to announce any contests you might have and sent me lots of traffic.  I hope some of you stick around and enjoy the blog while waiting for the next giveaway.

Here are the winners:




Congratulations, again!


Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #17 – CFM (editor’s pick)  WOW!!!!  I am honored!
The Wealth Builder Carnival #63 – both CFM and GPM
Yakezie Carnival

Carnival of Financial Planning – Edition #220 – CFM

Finally, I just want to say that I had a great little surge of traffic yesterday from a site of which I had never heard.  They picked up my PMI story and included it in a little round-up of theirs so I would encourage everyone to keep writing and staying active.  You never know when something good might happen.

Today will be a busy day.  I have 2 posts to write for tomorrow and need to get in my Yakezie Member application.  We may also try to brave the downtown area and go to Super Bowl village.  With the Super Bowl being so close, it may be the only time we get the opportunity.

Have a good rest of the weekend!

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