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Yakezie Challenge Results for November

Well, I must apologize but this post will be somewhat quick.  In fact, it is likely one of the shortest posts I will ever write since I usually try to write at least 500 words or more.  I am writing this Thursday night and will publish in the morning.  In less than 8 hours, I need to get up and start driving to St. Louis for 2 days and have yet to pack.  Plus, I would like to sleep a little before driving for four hours tomorrow.  Primarily I would like to review my stats from November and set a few goals going into the last month of the Yakezie Challenge.  I am looking forward to a strong finish despite the likely impact that the holiday season may play.

Statistics for November

Below are my results for the month of November which are preceded by my goals for the month:

Alexa Ranking:  150,000/184,801 (not the greatest, but the trend is definitely positive over the past month)

Alexa in US:  25,000/35,519

Alexa in Canada:  25,000/124,407 (Yikes!)

Visits:  2000/1,762 (great progress)

Search Visitors:  500/600 (Yippee!  Finally got one)

Subscribers:  45/46 (according to Feedburner)

Earnings: $100/met

Goals for December

Since I am made some progress in November, I thought I would modify a few goals for December:

Alexa Rankings in US and Canada and the World will be unchanged

Visits:  2100

Search Visitors:  800

Subscribers:  60

Earnings:  $250

Thanks so Much!

I am excited about the upcoming month since I believe that I can make some more of these goals.  Of course, I have to thank the Yakezie Network and all of the wonderful bloggers that have been encouraging me and taking the time to read and comment.  I don’t have time tonight to thank you individually but express my deepest heartfelt thanks.  Time for me to get packing.  See ya next week!


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Links for Yakezie Team Members

I am so pleased to be a Yakezie Challenger and be interacting with such a great group of financial bloggers.  I hope that I can eventually make it into the group because I so enjoy the opportunity to work together and meet fellow bloggers.  Even if I don’t make it for whatever reason, I can say that the Yakezie members have cemented my love for blogging and that I will continue to blog about financial topics for years to come and will be sharing what I learn, my successes and failures, and my aspirations.  I think I am becoming a better manager of my finances due to the constant inflow of ideas and information that I am getting from many of these individuals.

As I make a final push in the Yakezie Challenge going into the end of the year, I have the pleasure of working with one of the members who is submitting to carnivals for me.  I am hoping that this will help increase my exposure and traffic as a result.  Only time will tell, but I am lucky to have been able to find someone to be able to help me in this endeavor.  That is one of the greatest parts of the Yakezie Network.  Members bring different abilities and skills to the table so that when I need some blogging help, I will be able to find someone able to complete the task.  I know that they are hard working, dedicated individuals as well.

One of the other things that I have the privilege of doing now as I move into the last 6 weeks of the Challenge is to join a group of fellow bloggers wanting to help one another improve traffic and rankings.  It is so fortunate for me that I was able to join this group.  I don’t get over the Yakezie Forums every day, but happened to head over there this morning, and it worked out perfectly.  I will be getting to know some new bloggers as well which is always a treat.  So I thought that I would start out by including some links from my fellow team members to get the ball rolling.  I would like to do this several times between now and the end of the year.  Many of my weekends are incredibly busy as are my weeks.  (I worked 51+ hours this past week).

Anyway, on to the links since I would like to watch some football later tonight and get through the past week’s mail which is sitting on the desk.  Did I mention that it was busy last week?


Ultimate Smart Money points out the advantages of early investment.  For you math nerds, check out the slope of the green graph and how it increases over time.  That is the magic of compound interest.

Your Finances Simplified asks the question whether raising a dog is like raising a child.  Great post and let me answer as one who has 6 kids and 5 dogs currently (anyone want to buy a puppy?).  Raising a dog is much easier.  They actually sit when told.  LOL!

Krant Cents is already a good friend of this blog so I am happy to be a part of a team with him.  He wonders about staying late at work.  No such luxury for me.

Sustainable Personal Finance has a great site dedicated to money and the environment.  Here you can figure out how going green is saving green!

Mom’s Plans needs your help in voting for her blog between now and November 16th.  I voted!  Good luck.

Aaron Hung offers up some great tips for first time home buyers.

WealthQuest for Teens provides helpful resources for parents and teens when it comes to teaching about finances.  The next generation will need to know these things since they will be helping to dig our country out of the debt morass we are in.

Money Principle talks about her discovering of Groupon.  Important pieces of advice are offered here.

Saved Quarter has already gotten a great deal for Christmas ahead of Black Friday.  Read about it.

Prairie Eco Thrifter writes about investing for the long term and ratios to be using.

Money Cactus interviews one of my favorite bloggers.  Be sure to read this one!

Frugal Toad suggests several great ideas for investing in oneself.  I would have to agree that this is immensely important.

My University Money writes about leverage in the stock market.

Jenny Pincher had a good week in the stock market this past week.  Here’s to many more of those for all of us!

Cents to Save shows how it doesn’t take much effort to save some money.

So, that is it for the links for this Sunday.  I will likely be taking the remainder of the day to relax and watch some football.  But I would like to point out that I was featured in a few carnivals as well this past week.  Here they are:

Carnivals with CFM

Yakezie Carnival, Just Another Day Edition

Canadian Finance Carnival #61

Carnival of Financial Planning Edition #209

The Wealth Builder Carnival #52

Enjoy and have a good week.



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Gearing Up for a Strong Finish in Yakezie Challenge

Needless to say, ten days in Honduras where I was able to access the internet twice did not help my blogging statistics all that much, but the experience was well worth it as it was last year at this time.  I am also pleased to report that we didn’t get robbed at gunpoint this year, either which was a big plus.

So what is it that I hope to accomplish in the last two months of the year which are the last two months of the Yakezie Challenge for me?  I plan on maintaining a 3 day per week posting schedule.  Ideally, each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will see a new post published right here on Cash Flow Mantra.  I also plan on being able to get back to contributing to the Yakezie community and interacting again since I have no major travel plans between now and the end of the year.  Finally, I plan on keeping that Alexa Rank below 200,000.  It seems to be slipping a bit, but I really feel that it is due to those 10 days away.

Statistics for October

Below are my results for the month of October which are preceded by my goals for the month:

Alexa Ranking:  150,000/175,878 (going backward which is no fun)

Alexa in US:  25,000/57,515

Alexa in Canada:  25,000/46,054

Visits:  2000/1208

Search Visitors:  500/444 (close)

Subscribers:  45/31 (according to Feedburner)

Earnings: $100/met

All-in-all, I can’t complain about the month considering the length of time I was away.  I only missed one post while gone as well but couldn’t really respond to comments or interact the way that I would have liked.  Obviously, that will be better this month.  As a result, I really don’t plan on changing any of my goals for the month of November.  I may not make all of them, but I sure plan on seeing what I can accomplish given the time and access.

Top Referral Sites

  1. Lifeandmyfinances.com
  2. Nojobformom.com
  3. ThewealthyCanadian.com
  4. 20sfinances.com
  5. Myuniversitymoney.com

I would like to thank these bloggers for sending traffic my way.  I really appreciate it.

I have thought about having a contest to encourage either referrals or subscribers, but I really wanted to be able to accomplish my traffic goals without the incentives and complete the Yakezie Challenge by my own content and efforts.  I have also been thinking about outsourcing carnival submissions to see if that helps with traffic.

Readers and Fellow Bloggers:  I need your help.  Any opinions on outsourcing carnival submissions?  Do carnivals help traffic?  I have been considering this for a few days and actually might be leaning toward paying the cost for November and December to help achieve some of these blogging stats.  Please comment below.

Other November Goals

Since I didn’t really change my blogging goals for the month of November, I would also like to make a few other goals for the month.  Mainly these goals will relate to my repayment of debt.  You may have read how I plan on using my blogging income to pay off a business credit card.  I was able to make a supplemental payment during the month of October and plan on paying some more during the month of November to set myself up for having the debt retired by the end of the year.

A stretch goal would be to make a sizable payment toward my Discover Card debt.  I would think paying off 25% would be a stretch considering all of the other expenses that I have.  I think it could be possible, but I do have a property tax bill due this month plus car registration which is actually an excise tax in our state.

Thanks for reading and if you have input on carnivals, I would welcome it.


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