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One Year of Cash Flow Mantra

One year ago on May 26, 2011, I published the first post on Cash Flow Mantra and got 4 visitors (I bet 3 of them were me).  I wasn’t sure that I knew what I was doing at the time and am not so sure that I know what I am doing now, but at least I continue to try.  I would like to take a quick look back at this past year, and then look ahead to the next one.

First Year Stats:

Number of Posts:  156

Visits:  19,768

Page Views:  30,100

Time on Site:  1:28

Subscribers:  120

Current Alexa Rank:  199,732

Search Traffic:  39.76%

Five Most Popular Posts:

Warren Buffett, Intel, and Me

My Investing Strategy for the Next Decade

CFM Celebrating 100 Posts with Cash Giveaway

Bloggers that Make $1000 Per Month

Follow Up On Bloggers Making $1000 Per Month

Now the stats are nice to look at, but don’t tell the whole story.  Since starting CFM (which was my first Word Press blog), I have managed to start two more (although with writing assistance).  I have met a lot of nice fellow personal financial bloggers online and hope to meet some in person someday.

I have also been able to make a little bit of money and pay off some debt on a business credit card and a business credit line.  The public accountability and being able to share my personal trials and triumphs has been helpful for focusing on the task at hand.

Although I would love to have hosted another giveaway, it just isn’t feasible with the fact that earnings are way down.  I still want to be prudent, but maybe things will work out for the next anniversary.

Goals for Year Number Two

Overall, I think I would like to roughly double many of the stats for the next year.  Now I have been doing a twice weekly posting schedule due to the fact that I am working on 2 other blogs.  That would mean the number of posts would likely only increase by 100.  But I would like to double the number of visits and page views although I should be able to do more than that since I did start from zero on day one.  Plus, maybe I will get to meet a fellow blogger or two in person as well.

I would also like to see the number of subscribers double.  So if you haven’t done so, feel free to subscribe.  I would like to see the time on the site stay over 1 minute.  I know that at times, search traffic can be in and out rather quickly so figuring that search traffic will increase, keeping time over 1 minute is a good goal.

But no matter what happens, I hope to be able to inspire some good discussion and teach my readers about some things that they might not know about.  I also want to learn a few things as well.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to have as much fun in year two as I did in year number one.


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