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Blogging Goals for 2012

I haven’t spoken too much about specific blogging goals for this year in numerical terms despite having put together a few SMART goals at the beginning of the year and mentioning that I wanted to make $30,000 this year by blogging.  In order to get that accomplished, though, I figure that I should have some targets as far as traffic and other types of measures.

Number of Posts

This will be the easy one since it is something that I can directly control.  I feel that my blog has done better since going to a regular posting schedule.   I was inspired by Derek at Life and My Finances for this and plan on keeping a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule here at Cash Flow Mantra throughout the year.  That should put me at close to 250 posts total by the end of the year.

I also plan to do the same with Grand Per Month using a Monday, Thursday, Saturday posting schedule.  I would then expect to have just over 150 posts on that blog by the end of the year, giving me a total library of over 400 posts between the two blogs.  That is about 4 times the number that I would have had at the beginning of the year.

Visitors and Subscribers

I also have some goals for visitors that I would like to achieve by the end of the year.  I am deriving these from Mike at The Financial Blogger.  He considers a blog significant when it has 5,000 monthly visitors with 10,000 page views.  So that will be my goal for each of my two blogs this year.  Between the 2 blogs, I am at just about 5,000 visitors and 8,300 page views, so I am half way with the visits but will need more page view growth.  Ultimately to get to 20,000 monthly page views between the two sites, I will probably need more than 10,000 visitors.

As far as subscribers go, I would like to have 250 at CFM and 100 at GPM.  Currently the numbers are 116 and 32 respectively.  I think that this is a reasonable goal which should be achievable provided I can grow the blog like I would like this year.  If I am more than doubling the amount of traffic, I figure I could do the same with subscribers.

I will keep you updated from time to time on the progress of these goals.


As mentioned, I have a goal of making $30,000 this year with blogging as part of the Online Money Bloggers Challenge.  With that, I will be making earnings more public so on the first Saturday of each month, I will be posting an earnings report over at Grand Per Month.  Be sure to check that out.  I will be reporting only that money which I actually receive so that it is like reporting income for tax purposes.

In order to make $30,000 for the year, I have monthly targets that need to be met corresponding to some expected growth in the two blogs.  I will then be able to report whether or not I am on target and how much ahead or behind I am.  January has seemed like a slow month, but I might actually not be that far off.

Another Blog?

I also have an idea for another blog.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to write but could get it set up, do the editing and managing.  I would need to partner with several writers and would use an innovative compensation scheme that I believe would prove to be potentially lucrative for everyone involved.  Ultimately, I would need between 10 and 20 writers who could commit to one or two articles per month.

If you have an interest in financial topics and might be interested, send me an email at pleben.com@gmail.com.  If I do get enough writer interest, it would still be March or April at the earliest before getting up and running.


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