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Tips for Selling Your Home Fast

There are many reasons why you might need to sell a house quickly such as divorce, death of a loved one, or an international move.  Maybe you inherited the property and need the funds to help settle the estate so that you can move on with your life and not be tied down to a piece of real estate.  If I ever find myself in a situation where I need to sell my house fast, these are the tips I will use.

Price Your House Right

Everyone loves a deal, and there is no better way to sell a house quickly than to price it below market value.  You won’t get top dollar for sure, but you will be able to unload the property quickly and have several potential buyers from which to choose.

Sell Your House at Auction

You might be able to get a higher price and sell it fast if you held an auction.  At least you would know at the end of the day that it was sold.  However, unless your house is in a more popular location where there is great demand, you might end up with a lower price than if you had used more conventional methods.  But if the goal is to sell it quickly, an auction might be right for you.

Sell Your House to a Company

There are many companies that will offer to purchase your house from you.  They will make an offer less than market price which is how they make their profit.  Then they will sell the house or may even keep it and rent it out as an investment property.  If you have to move as a result of your job, some employers will include this as part of their relocation package.  Check to see if this is a perk that is offered with your company.

Should you choose that you want to try to get the most money out of your house and still sell it quickly, try these tips:

Clean Your House Up

Remember you will be competing against other sellers who have more time, so you really want to stand out from the competition which means the house should be exceptionally clean.  No one wants to think about doing more work to get a house ready for habitation.  Moving is work enough so most buyers will simply look elsewhere.

Make Necessary Repairs

Nothing says that a home inspection is only needed after a deal has been reached.  Have an inspection before listing and make the repairs.  That way, they will already be done prior to any offers so the house can close quickly.  You can use this information in the negotiations and stay firm on price knowing that there will be no surprises or additional costs.

Stage the House

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, then have your house staged.  There is no second chance for a first impression so having a professional who can lay out the furniture in the house and make it look great will go a long way to getting a top offer and getting the house sold fast.

And don’t forget that these tips apply to the outside as well.  A fresh coat of paint and nice landscaping is important as well.  Curb appeal is a big part of that first impression.

So keep these ideas in mind if you ever need to sell a house fast.

Readers:  Any other tips for selling a house quickly?



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4 Steps to Getting Out of Debt

The following is a guest post:
Falling into the downward spiral of debt can be the worst thing in the world, especially if you have to provide for a family. It may seem like the hardest thing in the world, but there are actions you can take to get your finances back on track and secure your future. With a little planning, pro-activity and determination, there is no reason why you can’t dig yourself out of the hole and bask in the sunshine of financial freedom. Here are four steps that you can take to make this a reality:
Downsize your property
The fact is, when you’re in debt you have to try and cut all the costs you can. One of the biggest money drain people have is their property, which can be detrimental to your finances if you’re living outside of your means. Relocating to a cheaper area and moving into a smaller property is a drastic move, but often necessary. Selling your house quickly through a property buyer prevents breaks in the chain and allows you to relocate at your own speed. There are many sites out there that proclaim “we buy your house” so make sure you do your research first.
Escape the credit trap
While credit cards can be a necessary evil for those people who are financially stable, credit cards and debt don’t mix. Giving up on reliance of credit cards is a must if you want to get out of debt, even though those cash-back bonuses can be a temptation. Make sure that you halt all recurring payments: so track down everything that leaves your bank account on a monthly basis and carry out an audit to slash as many costs as possible.
Switch bank accounts
Nowadays, the internet is your friend when it comes to researching the best current accounts. There are many popular bank comparison sites that list interest, overdrafts and fees. Finding the right account to suit your situation won’t help you straight away, but it’s going to be a fantastic asset to your financial freedom in the long run.
Get help from a charity
When you’re being suffocated by the weight of debt and you feel like you’re alone, don’t worry. There are many charities that have been set up to aid people who are struggling and will be more than happy to listen to you and offer a helping hand.
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Adding Value to Your Home: What Can You Do?

Despite the tough economic climate wreaking havoc on personal finances in the UK over the last few years, there are still a number of ways that people can make – or at least invest – money wisely through home improvements. While it’s always important to ensure that there is a sufficient policy of buildings and contents insurance to protect yourself during this process, the fact is that people stand to make thousands through ever-desirable additions to a property.

Phil Spencer, the mastermind behind Channel 4 show Location, Location, Location alongside Kirstie Allsopp, is a man who knows exactly what’s necessary if money is to be made, or spent wisely and reflected in an eventual resale of a property.

Conservatories are perfect for any home

While Phil was clear to highlight how many people know that “the danger is that your conservatory ends up looking like something just bolted on the back”, such a living space that matches the style of the rest of the house is a great way to improve the value of a home. A conservatory costing between £5,000 and £30,000 can add up to seven per cent to the value of a house, so spend wisely if you know how much your house is worth.

Kick your car out of the garage and move in

Turning the garage into a living space is a great idea. “The fact is, 90 per cent of British garages don’t contain a car,” Phil continued.

“They are a wasted asset.” Just £10,000 could see you adding real value to a home – multiply the square footage by local cost per square foot to find out how much it ups your house price.

Prioritise the kitchen

High street companies know exactly how much a kitchen can add to the value of a home, so long as it has a triangle between the sink, fridge and oven. However, ensure the cost of your kitchen matches the house itself – don’t over or underspend on the asset. Phil added: “[A] new kitchen will add 4.6 per cent onto the value.”

Do your research and remember that not all investments have to be huge

– just be sure to take pride in your property when it goes up for sale, and remember to ask yourself if you’d be impressed by what you see if you were the buyer, not the seller.

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