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SMART Goals for 2017

Wow!  I can hardly believe that I am actually doing a bit of writing again.  I think it might take some time to knock off the cobwebs.  I imagine you can see that my last post was in April of 2014.  There is a good reason for that which I will get into a later post, but I thought I would start off the new year with something simple since it has been so long.


For those who haven’t heard of a SMART goal, you might want to review what I have said about them in the past.  For this year, I think I want to focus on some physical goals and some fiscal ones.  This post will be about the physical goals.  I feel bad since I looked at my goals from 5 years ago and realize that I have gained quite a bit of weight.  Maybe this online journal known as a blog will help me with some accountability since most of the weight gain has been in the past two years.  The stress level was pretty high, but I am hoping that it will be better for 2017.


I still want to eventually weigh less than 200 pounds.  Not sure that I can get back to 175 when I graduated from college, but after hitting 242 this past year, 200 will look mighty good.  I don’t plan on dieting because I know that restriction doesn’t work, especially for me.  What I plan on doing is focusing on 3 things:

  1.  Drink more water and work on cutting down on diet and sugary soda.
  2.  Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  3.  Walk more.

I had been walking during the summer and lost about 8 pounds, but let up and put it back on during November and December.  My wife got me a fitbit for Father’s Day.  So, I plan on doing more walking these cold months.  It is much easier for me to do when it is nice and warm outside and the days are longer.  Winter and the short days get to me so I will have to challenge myself.


It is my goal to walk 16,000 steps on 80% of the days in the month.  It is certainly specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and has a time frame.  I was able to do this in August and September of last year, so I know that it is possible.  I just have to focus and dedicate about 1 hour each day specifically for walking in addition to my usual daily activity.  I know there will be some days that it won’t happen which is the reason for the 80% threshold.  I don’t want to get down on myself if I can hit the mark every single day.


So far I am 2 for 3.


I will work on putting together my financial goals for 2017 and post those in the next couple days as well.  It is certainly different to be writing again.  I am not entirely sure how I feel about it, but I think it will be good for me in the end.


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SMART Personal Goals for 2012

On Wednesday, I posted my SMART financial goals for 2012 of which there were two main goals.  Today, I will be doing the same for some personal goals and again, there are two.  I don’t think it is possible to focus on too many goals at one time.  I think that some of them will get neglected so why not start with fewer goals but actually do something about them.

SMART Personal Goal #1:  Lose Weight

S:  Specifically, I want to be below 200 pounds which would be the first time in almost 14 years that I would have been under that weight.  The most I have been is about 228, but I usually fluctuate between 205-215.  Since I weighed 213 pounds yesterday, that means that I am wanting to lose 14 pounds at a minimum.

M:  Duh, of course it is measurable.

A:  I do think that it is achievable.  There is no real reason that I need to weigh what I do.  We are talking losing a little over a pound per month.  Not exactly a crash diet.

R:  Yes, it is realistic.

T:  I am giving myself an entire year since I want it to occur as a result of some lifestyle changes.

Let’s talk about those changes then.  Basically, I need to eat healthier and exercise more.  I need to start drinking more water (just went to get a cup).  I think I should commit to 32 ounces of water per day and should limit my diet soda to no more than 2 per day.  I also plan to get back to tracking my caloric intake on my smart phone.  That worked wonders this past year, but as my personal trainer would say, “Once you stop tracking, you start slacking!”  Thanks!

Exercising more is really going to be getting out and walking a little more during the winter, spring, and fall.  I play golf and softball during the summer and work out with weights and the trainer each week.  Basically, if I watch my diet at all, I could probably get it done.

SMART Personal Goal #2:  De-clutter the house

Life is busy and my family and I tend to accumulate stuff.

S:  I want to clean out my closet, room, garage and basement.  Not sure if this is specific enough but it will have to do for now.

M:  Not sure how measurable it is, but it will be pretty darn obvious when it happens.

A:  Yes, it is achievable.  The house didn’t have this much crap in it when we moved in.

R:  It is also realistic if I could just get my butt in gear.  But after working 50+ hours per week, running the kids to practice, and helping out with laundry and dishes,  I am pretty tired.  Just keeping up with the laundry for 6 kids is a full-time job.  We have to run the dishwasher twice per day to keep the sinks from over-flowing.  Anyway, just saying.

T:  My wife and I will be working on the closet and will make sure that it gets done in the next week.  Then we can start on our room so I will assign a time limit of the end of February.  I may have to take a vacation day to work on it.  Garage will be done in March (though I did take the aluminum cans to recycle yesterday–got $21 for 42 pounds).  Basement will come after that, but I am not assigning a time.

The kids will be on their own when it comes to their closets and rooms, at least until I can get my stuff together.  The biggest thing for me to help get this accomplished will be to make a to-do list and portion out the tasks a little at a time.  Maybe I can get some good work done during half-times on New Year’s Day.

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