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Yakezie Member Post Up Plus Carnivals

Well, I have been very busy and really don’t have a regular personal financial post to share today.  I have been relying on guest posts for a lot of my content on my other blog the last several days.  However, I now have caught up with with the tasks I was hoping to get done so life will be back to a more normal pace.  The only problem is that the weather is starting to get incredibly nice so I am going to have to find some time for golf.

It’s Official

It is official!  I am now a member of Yakezie and my member post has been published.  I have also changed the badge on the right to reflect the new status.  Granted I was already accepted and have simply been waiting for the post to be published, but now I can share it with you in case you missed it.  It is an honor to be a member, and I plan to continue to be involved in the Yakezie Network.  I have developed great relationships with several fellow bloggers and hope to meet some more.

Carnival Links

I have also been a little negligent on posting some carnival links so I am going to go back a few weeks just to make sure that I cover them all.  Fortunately, I have Melissa from Mom’s Plans doing the submission and tracking for me.  I think this is a great service which allows me to focus on some of the other aspects of blogging that I enjoy more, like writing.

Links from 6 days ago:

Carnival of Personal Finance #352 – CFM
Canadian Finance Carnival #79- GPM, CFM
Canadian Finance Carnival #78- CFM
Carnival of Retirement #10 – CFM
Yakezie Carnival – Setting Your Clocks Edition- CFM
Links from 11 days ago:
Carnival of Financial Planning – Edition #226  – CFM
Canadian Finance Carnival #77 – GPM
Finally, links from 19 days ago:
Yakezie Carnival – Daytona Edition – CFM
Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #22 – CFM, GPM
This should catch me up to current dates.  I will have to do better in the future and maybe just attach these as an addendum to the nearest post that I have published rather than waiting for a weekend update post.  Now that spring and summer are coming, weekend activities may well prevent additional posts on the weekend.  Keeping up with the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule will be tough enough I bet.
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Colts Win a Games and Team A Links

Well, what do you know.  The Indianapolis Colts have managed to win their first game of the season.  At least, the didn’t lose all of them.  They should still be able to get a decent draft pick.  They sure better not screw that up.

On the other hand, Team A has been doing incredibly well.  I am thankful to all the Yakezie Team members who have been coming by and commenting on my blog.  I have been stopping by their blogs and want to highlight my favorite posts from the past week or two, so let’s get to it.

Team A Links

Ultimate Smart Money asks “Do You Believe in the Santa Claus Rally?”  Well, I do but I think we will be getting coal this year.

Your Finances Simplified wonders how will we be funding our retirements since the 401(k) is simply not enough.  Well, I have a plan.  Do you?

Krant cents points out the benefits of holiday networking and how to do it right.  This is great advice and a must read.

Sustainable Personal Finance points out that sustainable index investing often is not true in its objectives for sustainability.  It is vital that you know what is in these indexes.

Mom’s Plans gives another debt free journey update and proves that the intensity is still there.  Great progress!

Aaron Hung ponders whether you should buy a home in this economy.  I would say that the record low interest rates makes now a great time to purchase if you are secure enough in your job.  If I didn’t have a bunch of college expenses in my future, I would be buying real estate hand over fist.

The Money Principle shares lessons learned from the game of Cashflow.  I would love to play this game sometime.  More important though, how is your real life cash flow?

The Saved Quarter has enough stuff!  Instead, how about getting those you love something they will remember for a lifetime instead of wear out.

Back to the real estate theme, Prairie Eco Thrifter suggests how to plan to buy a house.  These are great tips.

Money Cactus shares another awesome interview.  This time Untemplater is the interviewee.

The Frugal Toad recommends renting a home when going on vacation for big savings.  I can tell you that if you have 6 kids, there is no other way to do it.  It is usually about the same cost or less compared to renting two hotel rooms with much more space and more amenities.  We can cook our own meals in the kitchen and save that way as well.

My University Money offers ideas for educating the leaders of tomorrow.  A great post with video as an added bonus!

The Jenny Pincher points out the difference between making money and becoming wealthy.  Time to reevaluate the mindset.

Cents to Save shares 12 goals for 2012.  I wish her the best on these goals and that she absolutely crushes them.  I also wish the best for her mother’s health.

Carnival Time

Now is the time to highlight those carnivals in which I have been included this past week.  Thanks to me, there were absolutely NONE!  But thanks to Melissa from Mom’s Plans, I was included in THREE!  Yippee!

Canadian Finance Carnival #66

Yakezie Carnival

Carnival of Financial Planning–Edition #214

Great News

I would like to share the fact that my monthly visits have been just over 2000 for the past week or so now.  I owe it all to the members of Team A and the Yakezie Network.  In fact, my one month Alexa ranking has been under 130,000 so I couldn’t be more pleased.  I suspect that traffic will dip a little going into the Christmas Holiday, but I am OK with that.  After the first of the year, I bet things will pick up and that 2012 will be a great year!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and feel free to savor a Colts victory with me!

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Fighting a Virus and Dividend Links

It has been a very unproductive week as I have been fighting a stomach virus and am probably only about 80% of normal currently.  I am on the mend and should be back to 100% in a few days, but the day I had off work to go Christmas shopping found me in bed until 6 pm.  Then I got up for 4 hours and went back to bed.  Oh well, life happens from time to time.  I plan to get a little caught up today on the past week’s mail.

Stock Dividend Links

In the meantime, I have some links that I would like to share with you.  Since I have thinking about stock dividends lately and will be sharing my plan for increasing my own dividends in tomorrow’s post, I thought I would share link based upon that theme.

First up, Mark talks about BP as a dividend play.  I think everyone needs to have some exposure to energy stocks since it is such an important part of daily life.

Next up, Dividends4Life shares Dividend Stock to Shield Your Portfolio from Inflation.  I have already invested in Intel and am looking at Nucor as part of my plan.

This next link at Dividend Growth Investor has the Aristocrats List for 2012.  This is a great list to start with if you are looking to get into dividend investing as the Aristocrats are companies that have increased dividends for 25 consecutive years.  So not only are they reliable in their payments, but those payments are growing.  Safety and growth is an awesome combination for wealth building.

Money Reasons shares his thought on using dividends to pay for expenses.  Personally, I think it is a good idea.  I do plan on ultimately using dividends and rental income to fund my retirement allowing the principal to remain intact for generations.

The Dividend Blog Guy has a fun quiz on becoming a dividend investor.  I enjoyed it, but was a little disappointed that I couldn’t get my score.

Carnivals Featuring CFM This Week

Next I wanted to provide links to the various carnivals in which I had articles included over the past week.  I must say a big thanks to Melissa from Mom’s Plans for doing all this submitting and tracking for me.  I would be in a grand total of zero carnivals if it were up to me since I barely have time to do what I want to do and enjoy doing which is writing and keeping up with the other personal finance blogs on the web.

With Melissa on the job, I am able to be included in 3 or 4 carnivals each week which is certainly much better than zero.

Carnival of Financial Planning #213 hosted at PT Money.

Yakezie Carnival — Mighty Ducks Edition hosted at 20s Finances.

Totally Money Carnival — Building Wealth Edition hosted at Faith and Finance.

The Wealth Builder Carnival #56 hosted at My Wealth Builder.

Be sure to stop by a few of these carnivals and check out some of the other articles that are featured.  I am sure that all you regular readers already had a chance to check out the ones that I wrote.

That’s all I had for now.  I need to get going on that stack on my desk and get working on tomorrow’s post.  Have a good remainder of the weekend.


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