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Getting Links Done Before the Colts Game

A friend of mine has an extra ticket to the Indianapolis Colts game today and invited me.  So, I want to get some of my favorite links from the week done before I have to leave in 2 hours.  I had hoped to get some more writing done this past week, but that didn’t happen so I will have to be working to get the posts for the next week done in real-time rather than simply have them go out as scheduled.  It just seems impossible to write enough in advance that I don’t feel the crunch at times.  I admire all you bloggers who can schedule posts several weeks in advance.

On to the Links

The Saved Quarter talks about finding good deals which is wise advice as we enter this holiday shopping season.

Prairie EcoThrifter offers tips to be a frugal shopper.  Combine this article with the previous one and you can’t go wrong this Christmas.

Money Cactus has a great interview with Barbara Friedberg.  I enjoy both Barb’s and Money Cactus’s blog so it was like getting the best of both worlds.

The Frugal Toad has a financial bucket list.  What a good idea.  I also love the blog name.  Who knew toads were that frugal?

My University Money wrote about the Brandon University strike.  Personally, I had never heard about professors striking and causing students to lose academic time.  I think it is shameful.

The Jenny Pincher has an article on how to choose a debt relief company.  This is actually the second part of a very useful and informative discussion.

Cents to Save is starting a 2012 goals list.  I admire those who plan ahead.  I will be Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, going out on Christmas morning for batteries, and thinking about 2012 goals on January 2nd.

Mrs. LAMF writes a great post on landing a dream job.  Yes, there are even jobs to be had in Michigan.  Go figure!  Congratulations!

The Dividend Guy wants you to look at the whole picture when thinking about asset allocation.  Great advice.  I am sure not everyone considers this when investing.

Tony at Investorzblog has a confession.  No worries, Tony.  We are all here to learn and teach and grow together.

Tom at the Canadian Finance Blog shares how to build an emergency fund.

Important Link Below!!!

Finally, my kids have some Cockapoo puppies for sale.  There are 3 males with all shots and deworming stuff done.  Two are smaller and one is bigger.  They all have great personalities (puppies not the kids) and are working on being housebroken (again puppies not the kids).  I am very willing to negotiate the price.  Just tell ’em CFM sent you.  (Would it help if I begged?)  Let all your friends know, too!

Carnivals I was in this Week.

Carnival of Financial Planning #211

The Wealth Builder Carnival #54

The Yakezie Carnival for Nov 20

Canadian Finance Carnival #63

Ok, time to get ready for the game.  I have to get lunch in the oven before going as a tradeoff.  Like I said, I am always willing to negotiate.

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