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Happy Thanksgiving Plus

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Thanks for reading.  I am honored that many of you are still stopping by even though I haven’t been the most prolific writer during the past several months.

We are heading to Illinois to spend time with family, but have to make it a one day trip to get back to take care of the puppies which are six weeks old.  So it will be a quick trip with about 5 hours spent on the road, but I have some reading with me to keep me occupied while my son drives.  In fact, I am typing this right now from Interstate 74, but won’t be making this too long so I don’t get car sick.

Speaking of family, we (my wife, brother, and mom) went to visit my dad in the nursing home last evening.  He has Alzheimer’s and had a major stroke this past weekend.  He is essentially unresponsive and can’t swallow anything so he won’t be taking any medications or food. I doubt that they will be able to get water in him either.  He has a living will so we won’t be doing anything heroic.  I would expect it will only be a matter of days.

The good news is that he was pretty healthy until two years ago when the Alzheimer’s set in pretty hard.  And he had been able to live at home until 6 weeks ago so these last stages have occurred fairly quickly and won’t be a long, drawn out process.


Moving on to a more pleasant note, here are the carnivals that have included articles from my blogs over the past few weeks.  Again, I am having to catch up:

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Final Football Thoughts
One of my favorite things to do on Thanksgiving is watch the football games, so I am looking forward to this afternoon.  I always cheer for Detroit (dad is from Detroit) so that is a no-brainer.  Plus I will be hoping that RG III has a good game since he is on my fantasy team.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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