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Blogging and the Busy Life

If you have been reading my blogs for a while, you realize that blogging is more of a hobby for me.  I certainly keep track of the revenue and expenses like a business, but I certainly don’t devote time on a daily basis like I would a business.  As a result, I don’t make a ton of money from maintaining a blog, but at least the expenses are covered.

Since I treat it like a hobby, I am not too upset if I have more important things that I need to get done and which require my attention.  In this regard, my blogging hobby is a lot like my golfing hobby.  I have only managed to play 3 full rounds so far this year (although my most recent was one of my best ever).

The Busy Life

You may have noticed that over the past few months, my blogging activity has taken a nosedive.  Needless to say, I have been quite busy.  Some of the things that are happening:

  1. The most pressing issue has been with the commercial building.  My (former) partner is in the process of declaring bankruptcy and did not do a good job of managing the funds from the partnership.  We now have 100% ownership.  He says that he wants to make it all right.  My wife is skeptical.  I am busy dealing with the banks and trying to come to a resolution that will minimize our damage to even worry about that right now.  Dave Ramsey is right about partnerships not sailing.
  2. We are busy trying to get some work done around the house.  A new roof is being started today.  It is being replaced due to hail damage from last year.  Insurance has covered the majority of the cost, but getting through the bidding and scheduling is a hassle.  We are also simultaneously working on finishing the final portion of the basement and fencing the backyard for the dogs. Dealing with all of this takes time and money.  Ugh.
  3. The final big headache is dealing with a tenant that has not been able to maintain one of our rental houses.  The grass does not get cut in a timely fashion and we suspect that the inside of the house is not the cleanest either.  We are in the eviction process and will probably be replacing carpets and painting the whole place after massive cleaning.  More time and money.  Double ugh.

So, blogging has taken a back seat to all of this.


Also, it has been some time since I posted carnival links so I will be doing that now as well:

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Lifestyle Carnival – PT

Festival of Frugality #387 – PT
Lifestyle Carnival – GPM, PT
Yakezie Carnival – CFM
Carnival of Money Pros    SD, GPM
So that catches up the carnivals and lets you know what is going on in my busy life.  I don’t see it getting much better in July, but hopefully by August, things will start to slow down.
How is your summer so far?



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One Year of Cash Flow Mantra

One year ago on May 26, 2011, I published the first post on Cash Flow Mantra and got 4 visitors (I bet 3 of them were me).  I wasn’t sure that I knew what I was doing at the time and am not so sure that I know what I am doing now, but at least I continue to try.  I would like to take a quick look back at this past year, and then look ahead to the next one.

First Year Stats:

Number of Posts:  156

Visits:  19,768

Page Views:  30,100

Time on Site:  1:28

Subscribers:  120

Current Alexa Rank:  199,732

Search Traffic:  39.76%

Five Most Popular Posts:

Warren Buffett, Intel, and Me

My Investing Strategy for the Next Decade

CFM Celebrating 100 Posts with Cash Giveaway

Bloggers that Make $1000 Per Month

Follow Up On Bloggers Making $1000 Per Month

Now the stats are nice to look at, but don’t tell the whole story.  Since starting CFM (which was my first Word Press blog), I have managed to start two more (although with writing assistance).  I have met a lot of nice fellow personal financial bloggers online and hope to meet some in person someday.

I have also been able to make a little bit of money and pay off some debt on a business credit card and a business credit line.  The public accountability and being able to share my personal trials and triumphs has been helpful for focusing on the task at hand.

Although I would love to have hosted another giveaway, it just isn’t feasible with the fact that earnings are way down.  I still want to be prudent, but maybe things will work out for the next anniversary.

Goals for Year Number Two

Overall, I think I would like to roughly double many of the stats for the next year.  Now I have been doing a twice weekly posting schedule due to the fact that I am working on 2 other blogs.  That would mean the number of posts would likely only increase by 100.  But I would like to double the number of visits and page views although I should be able to do more than that since I did start from zero on day one.  Plus, maybe I will get to meet a fellow blogger or two in person as well.

I would also like to see the number of subscribers double.  So if you haven’t done so, feel free to subscribe.  I would like to see the time on the site stay over 1 minute.  I know that at times, search traffic can be in and out rather quickly so figuring that search traffic will increase, keeping time over 1 minute is a good goal.

But no matter what happens, I hope to be able to inspire some good discussion and teach my readers about some things that they might not know about.  I also want to learn a few things as well.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to have as much fun in year two as I did in year number one.


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Made Another Extra Payment on the Discover Card

Well, I managed to make an extra payment on the Discover Card.  I was able to make this extra payment because I took some of the money that I had made from blogging in March and moved it into my personal checking account.  I did let it sit for a little while until I made sure that I was going to have enough money to keep up with my blogging expenses for the month of April and the next few.  The reason is because I actually lost money blogging during the month of April.

However, I do feel confident enough that I can cover expenses for the next few months, so I went ahead and made the extra payment.  It has always been my goal to develop my online opportunities using only my time and not any of my own dollars, and I have been able to do that.  Of course, growth has been somewhat slow as a result, but that doesn’t matter as much to me as being able to bootstrap and create something from nothing.  I am pleased to say that I have been able to make extra payments and pay off some debt as a result of blogging.

Future Discover Card Payments

My main blogging financial goal for this year has been to get the Discover Card paid off.  With recent changes to blogging revenue, I have to wonder from where the funds for this goal might come.  I could hope that things improve later this year, and they may.  I am also working hard to develop my other online income sources, but that will probably simply help to pay for ongoing expenses.  I will just have to see what the next couple of months bring.

I have considered using the money that I have gotten from recycling aluminum cans for making an extra payment.  I have also considered using the change that I periodically roll and redeem for dollars to make an extra payment.  Of course, I have also considered looking at the stuff that I own and having a garage sale.  It would be good to kill two birds with one stone, namely getting rid of household clutter and make some money in the process.  The only catch in this plan would be the time involved.  I will have to see how this works out.

I am still committed to getting that card paid off by the end of the year.  Half of the balance will be covered through the normal monthly payments that I have been making so as long as I can keep up with the extra payments, it should happen.  For now I suppose, I won’t be making any major changes, but will have to monitor the situation to see if blogging income totally disappears or if this is just a slight dry spell.

Carnivals with My Blogs

I do want to take a moment to highlight those carnivals that featured an article from one of my 3 blogs.  CFM = Cash Flow Mantra, GPM = Grand Per Month, and PT = Penny Thots.  Be sure to subscribe to all 3 so you can get lots of great personal financial information.

Carnival of Financial Planning – Edition #234  – PT, CFM
Carnival of Money Pros – PT, CFM
Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #31 – GPM
Carnival of Personal Finance #359 – GPM
Financial Carnival for Young Adults #10 – PT
Festival of Frugality #334 – PT
The cool thing here is that all 8 of my submitted posts were accepted!
And here is another group:
Financial Carnival for Young Adults #11 – GPM, PT
Carnival of Money Pros – PT
Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #32 – GPM
Carnival of Retirement #18 – PT
Thanks so much for reading!
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