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Not Enough Time for Hobbies

I haven’t had much time for hobbies in the last few months, and I can’t say for sure that it will be getting any better.

First, I broke my arm which really ended my golf and softball playing for the year.  I did manage to play 9 holes on October 20th, right before the weather started turning nasty.  The good news is that I shot better than I had hoped and was really pretty consistent with my efforts before the fracture.  My wrist and arm was sore, but no worse off than when I started.  But my ball flight was a bit off since I was afraid to take a divot and hit my arm on the ground.  However, it continues to feel better each day and has been pretty good the last few days.

Second, I had a huge test to take on the 19th, which limited my ability to much of anything the past several months anyway.  I started studying in July and continued during August when I was off work with the break.  But once I started working again in September, I spent almost every waking moment studying to the exclusion of blogging, which I still consider a hobby.  Now that the exam is done and there is no opportunity to play due to weather, I feel like I have a lot of free time.

Alas, it won’t last long.  Of course I have a lot of catching up with items around the house plus I will, in all likelihood, become the owner of a small printing business as part of an ongoing issue that goes beyond this blog post.  It will probably consume some of my time as I have to work with mainly oversight issues, but still.  Ultimately, I hope that it is worth it.

It does feel good to be writing a bit.  I have taken the past week to do a little pleasure reading which was a nice break.  I re-read “Catching Fire” since the movie will be coming out soon (November 22nd), and I wanted to be able to compare the book to the movie and didn’t remember all the details.  I enjoyed being able to read without feeling like I had to memorize each detail.

Anyway, I do hope to be able to do a bit more blogging over the next couple months.  It feels good to be able to write a little again.


I need to catch up with a few carnivals, but had stopped doing this since I wasn’t publishing as much.  Plus I really don’t want to put any money into the blogging adventure preferring it to pay for itself.  With a decrease in revenue, I needed to watch the expenses so paying to have articles posted to carnivals was the first thing that was cut.

But, I do have to link for the last few so here goes:


The Tortoise Banker Carnival – SD

Carnival of Financial Independence #24 – GPM, PT
Carnival of Money Pros – PT, GPM
Hope the month of November will go well for everyone.



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Blogging and the Busy Life

If you have been reading my blogs for a while, you realize that blogging is more of a hobby for me.  I certainly keep track of the revenue and expenses like a business, but I certainly don’t devote time on a daily basis like I would a business.  As a result, I don’t make a ton of money from maintaining a blog, but at least the expenses are covered.

Since I treat it like a hobby, I am not too upset if I have more important things that I need to get done and which require my attention.  In this regard, my blogging hobby is a lot like my golfing hobby.  I have only managed to play 3 full rounds so far this year (although my most recent was one of my best ever).

The Busy Life

You may have noticed that over the past few months, my blogging activity has taken a nosedive.  Needless to say, I have been quite busy.  Some of the things that are happening:

  1. The most pressing issue has been with the commercial building.  My (former) partner is in the process of declaring bankruptcy and did not do a good job of managing the funds from the partnership.  We now have 100% ownership.  He says that he wants to make it all right.  My wife is skeptical.  I am busy dealing with the banks and trying to come to a resolution that will minimize our damage to even worry about that right now.  Dave Ramsey is right about partnerships not sailing.
  2. We are busy trying to get some work done around the house.  A new roof is being started today.  It is being replaced due to hail damage from last year.  Insurance has covered the majority of the cost, but getting through the bidding and scheduling is a hassle.  We are also simultaneously working on finishing the final portion of the basement and fencing the backyard for the dogs. Dealing with all of this takes time and money.  Ugh.
  3. The final big headache is dealing with a tenant that has not been able to maintain one of our rental houses.  The grass does not get cut in a timely fashion and we suspect that the inside of the house is not the cleanest either.  We are in the eviction process and will probably be replacing carpets and painting the whole place after massive cleaning.  More time and money.  Double ugh.

So, blogging has taken a back seat to all of this.


Also, it has been some time since I posted carnival links so I will be doing that now as well:

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Carnival of Money Pros – PT

Lifestyle Carnival – PT

Festival of Frugality #387 – PT
Lifestyle Carnival – GPM, PT
Yakezie Carnival – CFM
Carnival of Money Pros    SD, GPM
So that catches up the carnivals and lets you know what is going on in my busy life.  I don’t see it getting much better in July, but hopefully by August, things will start to slow down.
How is your summer so far?



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More Walking, Less Writing

I am wondering if blogging has been hurting my scale.  Since I started a year ago, I have put on about 10 pounds compared to where I was a year ago.  I have been aggressively trying to get my blogs off the ground, write posts, and build traffic.  But to do this with a full-time job and six kids makes finding time difficult.

My solution has been to get up in the morning and work for about an hour, sacrificing some sleep.  But I am wondering if that lack of sleep has me eating a little more to stay awake at night or if the overall level of stress is heightened which raises cortisol levels and adds to my weight.

So this week I have been getting up in the mornings but instead of writing, I have been walking.  I also went to sleep a bit earlier on several nights and have gotten a decent amount of sleep while still working.  I can honestly say that I feel pretty good.  Unfortunately, writing has taken a hit.  My wife wasn’t feeling well this morning, so I let her skip it and wrote this instead.

I still can’t quite get myself to write in the evenings.  After 12 hours being at work, I am a mental midget and not very productive.  I will have to figure out a good system that allows me to write and walk and sleep.  I am thinking of coming out with a petition to create 30 hour days.  An extra six hours each day should help me get more things done.

I will be thinking this weekend about what I can do to better schedule my time to include writing, walking, sleep, and more fun/less stress into my life.  I will let you know if I come up with anything brilliant.

In the meantime, here are some carnivals in which my blogs participated:

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Enjoy your weekend!
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