Cotton Candy - Margarita 60g

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Take this cotton candy to the party!

It's easy to find your way to "Margaritaville". The only thing you need is some candy! The Cotton Candy - Margarita is just what the occasion calls for!

This fluffy and soft cotton candy features that famously fluffy texture with an infusion of Margarita flavor!
One bite, and you'll be lost in a sweet and billowy cloud of candy. Each taste of this cotton candy is a twist on the classic. Providing a tangy fusion in a cloud of airy deliciousness.
As it melts in your mouth, you'll have everything you want without the nasty hangover!
This old fashioned candy is usually enjoyed at festivals, fairs and carnivals. But now you can indulge wherever you are!
Cotton Candy made its grand entrance into the world of candy in 1897. Believe it or not, cotton candy was invented by a dentist and once went by the name of "Fairy Floss".
Let the good times roll! Have a party in your mouth with the Cotton Candy Margarita!