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My Big Break

Usually when I hear those words, I think of something positive like a Hollywood star being discovered and cast in a major motion picture allowing his/her career to take off.  Or maybe an author signing a big book deal or landing on the best seller list.

Unfortunately, in my case those words had a different connotation as can be seen in the picture below:

Trying to break my fall during the first inning of Monday night softball, July 29th, I could hear the snap and knew that “my big break” was referring to my arm.  The radius was broken and the ulna was dislocated at the wrist which is where the pain was and where I thought the fracture would be.  Turns out the break didn’t hurt at all.

After surgery on Wednesday, I took pain pills for a couple days but within just over 48 hours was done with that.  I drove myself to get an oil change on Saturday and have been going since with a plate and screws in the bone and a cast.

The biggest problem is not being able to work as almost everything I do requires use of both hands.  I am getting half pay with short term disability, but I would rather be working.  Actually, a bigger problem (for me) is having this time off and not being allowed to golf.  The doctor suggested 3 months because of the rotation and ligament damage at the wrist, but everything was healing well at the two week follow-up.

Bottom line is that softball and golf are done for 2013 unless the weather is really nice in November.

Check Your Disability Coverage

If anything good can come of this, it is comforting to know that I have a good long term disability policy through work as well as some personal insurance that after 3 months and 6 months would end up covering essentially my entire salary through age 65, meaning I could make it until retirement.  I have rental property that would be paid off by then which could actually then fund my retirement.

Even though this month is a bit tough, it is nice to know that our family would survive and not have to adjust lifestyle that much.  And there is a one armed golfer’s association so I could find something to do with my free time since blogging with a cast isn’t the easiest to do (although I am getting much better).



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Sorry for the number of links.  I had gotten that far behind.  I am in the process of getting caught up.  I have a big test in October and have been trying to read and study for that during this downtime.  As a result, blogging has taken a bit of a backseat this year.
Here’s hoping you stay safe for the rest of the summer!  Off to watch some preseason football!


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Sold My Minivan Online

Remember when I told you that my minivan had died (blown a head gasket) and it was going to cost about $3000 for the repairs.  I decided that it wasn’t worth it to fix (actually my wife decided for me) a vehicle that had over 185,000 miles on it since I figured that the transmission probably only had about 30,000 more miles which would have been about a year and another $2500 or so.

So I decided to sell the minivan online.  I did a Google search and found a website where they would make an offer within a few minutes.  I put in all the information and by the time I had toggled through each page ended up with an offer for $435.  All I needed to do was accept the offer and arrangements would be made to have the van towed away from my driveway.

Well, I really was hoping for about $500 for it and thought it was a reasonable price after looking at Craigslist.  I probably could have gotten more listing it myself as a mechanic’s special, but didn’t want to deal with the hassle or have a bunch of strangers coming over to look at it.  But I did search the net for a second opportunity to sell online.  Of course free towing was a must since it could barely go 3 miles without overheating.

I managed to find another site, put in the information.  This time, I received an email with a number to call in order to get an offer.  I called the next morning and spoke with someone stating that I really was hoping to get $500 for my trouble.  She agreed on that price and arrangements were ultimately made to have the minivan towed away.

There was a bit of confusion and hassle regarding the towing.  We were going out of town at the end of the week so it had to be done by Wednesday or no one would be home.  The third party towing company apparently didn’t get the message and instead of calling the next day to set up a time, called later in the week and had difficulty getting in contact with us.  When we got back, I had to call the company again to let them know that I was still planning on selling and to get the number for the towing company.

We called the towing company directly to set up a time, but they still had someone show up at a different time when my wife wasn’t home.  Finally, on the third try, it got done and we got our $500.  Even though it was a little more difficult than it should have been due to lack of communication between the online site and the third party towing company, I would still do it again.  I believe I got a fair price for a van I no longer wanted nor could drive and got it out of the driveway fairly quickly.


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Blogging and the Busy Life

If you have been reading my blogs for a while, you realize that blogging is more of a hobby for me.  I certainly keep track of the revenue and expenses like a business, but I certainly don’t devote time on a daily basis like I would a business.  As a result, I don’t make a ton of money from maintaining a blog, but at least the expenses are covered.

Since I treat it like a hobby, I am not too upset if I have more important things that I need to get done and which require my attention.  In this regard, my blogging hobby is a lot like my golfing hobby.  I have only managed to play 3 full rounds so far this year (although my most recent was one of my best ever).

The Busy Life

You may have noticed that over the past few months, my blogging activity has taken a nosedive.  Needless to say, I have been quite busy.  Some of the things that are happening:

  1. The most pressing issue has been with the commercial building.  My (former) partner is in the process of declaring bankruptcy and did not do a good job of managing the funds from the partnership.  We now have 100% ownership.  He says that he wants to make it all right.  My wife is skeptical.  I am busy dealing with the banks and trying to come to a resolution that will minimize our damage to even worry about that right now.  Dave Ramsey is right about partnerships not sailing.
  2. We are busy trying to get some work done around the house.  A new roof is being started today.  It is being replaced due to hail damage from last year.  Insurance has covered the majority of the cost, but getting through the bidding and scheduling is a hassle.  We are also simultaneously working on finishing the final portion of the basement and fencing the backyard for the dogs. Dealing with all of this takes time and money.  Ugh.
  3. The final big headache is dealing with a tenant that has not been able to maintain one of our rental houses.  The grass does not get cut in a timely fashion and we suspect that the inside of the house is not the cleanest either.  We are in the eviction process and will probably be replacing carpets and painting the whole place after massive cleaning.  More time and money.  Double ugh.

So, blogging has taken a back seat to all of this.


Also, it has been some time since I posted carnival links so I will be doing that now as well:

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So that catches up the carnivals and lets you know what is going on in my busy life.  I don’t see it getting much better in July, but hopefully by August, things will start to slow down.
How is your summer so far?



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