Caramilk - 50g

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Caramilk holds a secret!

Tempt your tastebuds with the remarkable taste of the Cadbury Caramilk.

Inside you'll happily discover that nectarous, golden caramel overflowing into a bar of rich and velvety Caramilk chocolate.
Every bite is the very essence of luscious as that silky caramel deliciously oozes into your hungry mouth and drips on your chin.
Caramilk is enticing, delectable and will satisfy cravings you never even knew you had.
These Canadian Chocolate Bars have been eagerly reached for since their sweet inception in 1968. 
None of us will ever know just how they get the caramel inside of this bar. It remains one of life's sweet mysteries. We often contemplate this perplexing question while indulging in Caramilk.
The secret is locked up in a vault somewhere in Toronto, Canada, where it has been a well-kept secret for over 50 years. The Caranilk bar is made by Cadbury Canada.
Some things are better left a mystery, like the unsurpassed, delectable taste of Caramilk!