Blogging Through Debt

The following is a guest post:

As a community manager for a really large debt relief company, talking about debt is part of my daily routine.  We produce a lot of content about all things personal finance, with an obvious focus on debt.  The bulk of our bloggers are our customers and they talk about what life is like when you enroll in a debt consolidation or debt settlement plan.

I feel really fortunate to have the ability to showcase content like this, which provides honest and straightforward accounts of debt relief services.  Debt help is a tough thing to research and brings some heavy skepticism.  The skepticism is justified as there are many players in this industry who do not operate with the customer’s best interest in mind.

Offering our customers a platform to discuss their experience with debt relief plans, the good and the bad, really helps to overcome some of the negative stereotypes that plague credible debt relief service providers.  It is also extremely important as a research and educational tool for people seeking help with their debt.  Consumers really need to take the time to understand what is involved to be successful with these debt solutions.

Reading blogs similar to what we feature in our community can help to level set expectations about; how long it can take to pay off your debts, what happens to your ability to secure new credit while enrolled, and what educational resources will be available while you’re participating.  We also share blogs by graduates of our debt relief plan so that consumers can see what life is like without debt and dependence on credit cards.

If you are seeking help with your debt, I encourage you to check out this checklist.  It’s a great guide to help you evaluate debt relief providers.

Suzanne Coblentz is a Social Media and Community Manager for CareOne Services, Inc. a Provider of the CareOne Brand of Debt Relief Services.

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