Sunday Night Links and Carnivals

It is getting late and I want to watch some of the Sunday Night Football game, but I am sitting here writing this post during commercials and trying to help my daughter with AP Physics homework and quantum theory between plays.  I hate Physics!  Did it in high school and college and glad to be done with it!

Nevertheless, I still want to share a few links with you plus highlight those carnivals that have included Cash Flow Manta in the recent past.  I am very grateful to Melissa from Mom’s Plans for submitting to these carnivals for me, and I am sure that she is grateful that I have paid her.

Sunday Night Links

I also have to start working on tomorrow’s post, so let’s get right to the links:

Here is one from Retire by 40 who summarizes the first three months as the owner of a four-plex.  As anyone who owns real estate will tell you, always be ready for unexpected expenses.  They are bound to happen.

Speaking of unexpected expenses, Darwin also shares how the return on investment can be affected by surprises and not in a positive sense.  Sorry to hear about it, but I do like the picture.  So appropriate!

Keeping with the real estate theme, Krant Cents asks if you are ready to be a landlord.  Always something to think about when considering investing in real estate.

Philip Taylor helps out a reader by explaining “subject to” real estate.

How about living in a shipping container?  Sustainable Personal Finance addresses this topic and has a couple cool pictures as well.

Dang!  It’s halftime already.  Physics is taking longer than I thought, but we do have only 3 problems left so maybe we can get them done in the next 10 minutes or so.

On to the Carnivals

Here are the carnivals in which I have been included:

Carnival of Financial Planning — Thanksgiving Edition

Canadian Finance Carnival #64

Yakezie Carnival — San Diego Edition

So now, I am going to watch the rest of the football game and assume that I will get beat this week in fantasy football.  Should have started Cam Newton instead of Tom Brady.


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