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SMART Personal Goals for 2012

On Wednesday, I posted my SMART financial goals for 2012 of which there were two main goals.  Today, I will be doing the same for some personal goals and again, there are two.  I don’t think it is possible to focus on too many goals at one time.  I think that some of them will get neglected so why not start with fewer goals but actually do something about them.

SMART Personal Goal #1:  Lose Weight

S:  Specifically, I want to be below 200 pounds which would be the first time in almost 14 years that I would have been under that weight.  The most I have been is about 228, but I usually fluctuate between 205-215.  Since I weighed 213 pounds yesterday, that means that I am wanting to lose 14 pounds at a minimum.

M:  Duh, of course it is measurable.

A:  I do think that it is achievable.  There is no real reason that I need to weigh what I do.  We are talking losing a little over a pound per month.  Not exactly a crash diet.

R:  Yes, it is realistic.

T:  I am giving myself an entire year since I want it to occur as a result of some lifestyle changes.

Let’s talk about those changes then.  Basically, I need to eat healthier and exercise more.  I need to start drinking more water (just went to get a cup).  I think I should commit to 32 ounces of water per day and should limit my diet soda to no more than 2 per day.  I also plan to get back to tracking my caloric intake on my smart phone.  That worked wonders this past year, but as my personal trainer would say, “Once you stop tracking, you start slacking!”  Thanks!

Exercising more is really going to be getting out and walking a little more during the winter, spring, and fall.  I play golf and softball during the summer and work out with weights and the trainer each week.  Basically, if I watch my diet at all, I could probably get it done.

SMART Personal Goal #2:  De-clutter the house

Life is busy and my family and I tend to accumulate stuff.

S:  I want to clean out my closet, room, garage and basement.  Not sure if this is specific enough but it will have to do for now.

M:  Not sure how measurable it is, but it will be pretty darn obvious when it happens.

A:  Yes, it is achievable.  The house didn’t have this much crap in it when we moved in.

R:  It is also realistic if I could just get my butt in gear.  But after working 50+ hours per week, running the kids to practice, and helping out with laundry and dishes,  I am pretty tired.  Just keeping up with the laundry for 6 kids is a full-time job.  We have to run the dishwasher twice per day to keep the sinks from over-flowing.  Anyway, just saying.

T:  My wife and I will be working on the closet and will make sure that it gets done in the next week.  Then we can start on our room so I will assign a time limit of the end of February.  I may have to take a vacation day to work on it.  Garage will be done in March (though I did take the aluminum cans to recycle yesterday–got $21 for 42 pounds).  Basement will come after that, but I am not assigning a time.

The kids will be on their own when it comes to their closets and rooms, at least until I can get my stuff together.  The biggest thing for me to help get this accomplished will be to make a to-do list and portion out the tasks a little at a time.  Maybe I can get some good work done during half-times on New Year’s Day.

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SMART Financial Goals for 2012

I have divided up my goals for 2012 into two main categories, financial and personal.  This post will only concentrate on the financial goals, and I will take a future post to write up some of my personal goals for 2012.  Now there are a few parts to these financial goals so I will do my best to break them out for you and elaborate a little bit on each aspect.

SMART Financial Goal #1:  Pay off some debt.

Now that is not very specific so let’s improve upon this, shall we.

S:  Eliminate PMI on the rental house.  Pay off the business line of credit.  Pay off the Discover Card.

M:  I need $960 to pay against the principal in order to eliminate PMI.  The current balance of the business line of credit is $950.  The Discover Card balance is just over $8500.

A:  I think all three goals are attainable.  I plan on using blogging earnings for this debt elimination since these earnings have not been figured into my life and represent extra funds.

R:  Considering the fact that I made over $1000 gross for the last 2 months blogging and will be striving for $30,000 in 2012, I think that netting about $10,000 should be fairly realistic.

T:  The PMI is essentially a done deal.  The money has already been transferred from PayPal and simply needs to be sent to the mortgage company along with appropriate written instructions.  I will be calling them later today.  I have enough money to pay for the first 2 months of author expenses of Grand Per Month set aside so any revenue during January and February could go right toward the business line of credit.  By the end of February, that should be paid off.  That will give me the remainder of the year (10 months) to pay off the Discover Card.

SMART Financial Goal #2:  Make $30,000 in 2012 through blogging.

S:  Specifically, I want to gross $30,000 for the year and net at least 75% of that or $22,500.  This will be enough to help me accomplish the above financial goal of paying off the designated debts.

M:  Well, yes it is measurable.  Dealing with numbers make the measuring part fairly simple.

A:  Yes, it is attainable.  There are many bloggers making consistent earnings around $1500-$2000 per month.  With 2 blogs, it is certainly possible.

R:  This is where it gets a little sketchy.  For me, it will be a stretch I admit it.  I think so mainly because of my difficulty attracting traffic online.  I am getting better, but the question remains whether or not I can grow the blogs and the earnings quickly enough during the course of the year.  But I am definitely thankful for all of you who consistently read this blog day in and day out.  I am also thankful for the great enthusiasm with which Grand Per Month has been received.  So, we shall see.

T:  By the end of 2012.  I have a schedule of earnings that will get me there so I can know whether or not I am on track each and every month.

So, these are the two main financial goals that I will be focusing upon in 2012.  I have a few others like not adding to my other credit card debt, and increasing the dividends in my retirement account but those plans either aren’t quite as specific (no additional credit card debt) or have already been written about (dividend plan).  On the other hand, the goals above will require fairly active management throughout the year so will require some extra focus.

Readers:  What are your financial goals for 2012?  Feel free to share in the comments below.  Here is to a great 2012!

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Joining the 30K Challenge!

Well, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas yesterday and were able to celebrate with family and friends.  We had a good day with family at home enjoying a nice dinner with ham and playing games.

On to the Challenge!

As you can see from the title, I am joining the 30K Challenge as developed by Corey and Derek at Online Money Bloggers.  In case you haven’t heard what it is, Corey and Derek are challenging themselves and other bloggers to either make $30,000 from blogging next year or increase their income by an additional $30,000 if the blogger already makes that much.  It is going to a great challenge and something that will really require a lot of work and focus.

Initially, I thought it might be impossible for me to make it to $30,000 in one year, but I created a spreadsheet as part of my initial 30K post for their site and think it might actually be doable now.  I won’t be sharing the details about it since the post will be seen at their site in coming days or weeks, but at least there is some hope.

There are lots of other great personal financial bloggers participating in the challenge so I am sure that everyone will be helping each other which will make it easier to achieve our goals together.  One of the things that I am learning more and more as I age is the importance of networking.  It can be very difficult to accomplish goals on our own, but they often become achievable when you have a strong support system.  So I am really looking forward to the opportunity to work with these great individuals and get to know them better at the same time.

Be sure to head over to the site and see everyone who is participating.  It is really a top notch crew!

Carnival Links

This past week I was featured in several carnivals so I want to share those with you as well.

The Wealth Builder Carnival #58

The Yakezie Carnival–December 18th Edition

Canadian Finance Carnival #67

Self-Directed Investing for Retirement Carnival–Christmas Edition

As always, I want to thank Melissa from Mom’s Plans for doing carnival submissions for me.  It is a tedious task that I have no interest in doing.  I have to believe that it is helping with my traffic, but of course this past week has been a little slower with the holidays I am sure.

Odds and Ends

I have a few other items that I would like to mention.  I will be having a contest to celebrate the 100th post here on Cash Flow Mantra.  This will be post number 93 so in the next few weeks, the contest will happen.  I still have details to work out so I will keep you informed.

Also, I just couldn’t help myself and had to write an extra post for my new blog at Grand Per Month.  Be sure to check it out and get ready for the launch on January 2nd.  I am trying to work with getting the subscription by email working and am having some difficulty.  I am not a coder and am amazed at some of the things I have been able to accomplish, but this is giving me fits.

Thanks for reading and be sure to follow me on Twitter @cashflowmantra!

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