Summer Team Links–I Am Too Busy Edition

Oh my, I can’t believe how busy I have been recently.  We have new puppies in the house and am trying to prepare for my eldest to head back to college.  I had to work late everyday this week and how’s this for a crazy Saturday:

I got a call from a friend at 9 am to sub in for a game at their one pitch softball tournament starting at 10.  Played softball and got home about 10:50, took a quick shower (cause I was full of dirt) and left the house at 11:10 to go work out with Vee at 11:40.  Got home at 12:50, ate lunch, am writing this for the next 20 minutes, then I have a 2:00 tee time, cook-out at 5, and going from there to listen to a colleague playing in a band at 10 pm.  Fun day, but busy.

Anyway, you aren’t going to learn anything from me today, so let’s go straight to the links (BTW we won softball 10-6).

Nickel by Nickel:  Andrea is working on losing weight and has done well with the diet, but needs to pick up the activity level.

My Personal Finance Journey:  Not one to procrastinate, MPFJ is thinking about saving money this winter and offers these tips.

The College Investor:  Robert offers this great review on the Chaikin Power Gauge Stock Rating Widget.  This is one kick-butt little widget.  You have to check it out.

My Multiple Incomes:  Robert also has great advice on getting more page views from your search engine visitors.  I need more search visitors first, but definitely more good tips.

So Over Debt:  Andrea recently changed jobs and was shocked by her first paycheck.

Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet:  Fat Guy writes on a hurricane preparedness guide.  Good information for any natural or man made disaster.

The Penny Hoarder:  I know that I will be losing money, but I still want to try to make some money in the fantasy football league I will be joining this year.  Maybe I should be the commish, eh?

InvestorzBlog:  Tony summarizes the week in stocks.  It was a crazy week.  Love the graphics on this post.

Spruce Up Your Finances:  A wonderful summary on how to report hobby income on your taxes.  I will be needing this information for blogging.

The Debt Myth:  I hate being in debt up to my eyeballs.  Learn how to manage this type of situation.

The Saved Quarter:  A wonderful post about term life insurance.  I am a big believer in term life insurance and am actually worth more dead than alive.

The $60K Project:  Sarah talks about cutting down on expenses for eating out.  This is a potentially big area to cut.

Prairie Eco-Thrifter:  Miss T. discusses 15 ways to reduce energy costs.  These are great tips.

Money Talks:  Ashley wonders about the housing market based upon her cul-de-sac and the number of accidental landlords.  I suspect there is more housing supply than meets the eye.

Enjoy the links.  I didn’t get this finished before the cook-out so I am writing at 11pm.  It has been a long day.  Good night.

I hope I am not too sore tomorrow to get started on another post.

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