Seven Links Projects Comes to CFM

I am honored to say the least that I have been nominated to participate in the Seven Links Project.  This is where I have to identify those posts that I have written which fall into 7 different categories.  I would like to thank Beating the Index and The Passive Income Earner for thinking of me even though my blog is less than 3 months old.  Little House in the Valley also thought of me, but asked if I had already been picked.

The Seven Links Project

1. Your Most Beautiful Post

I hadn’t really thought of judging my posts as most beautiful but I think I would have to pick Four Ways to Make Money in Real Estate.  With the real estate bubble in the process of exploding, I think it is worthwhile to remember that it is possible to make money in real estate in other ways besides capital appreciation.  Positive cash flow is always a good way to make money.

2.  Your Most Popular Post

This was pretty easy since all I had to do was go to Google Analytics and find that since I started Cash Flow Mantra, My Apologies to the Economy has gathered a full 2.9% of all the views on my site.  The interesting thing about this post is that it didn’t require any research and was written in about 15 minutes while I was in an interesting mood.

3.  Your Most Controversial Post

First, I try not to stir up controversy.  I don’t think the post itself was all that controversial nor was the reaction to it, but it does touch on a somewhat controversial topic in personal finance.  New Car vs Used Car-Throwing My Hat into the Ring brings my personal point of view to the topic in what I would think is a non-confrontational manner.

4.  Your Most Helpful Post

I think the most helpful post has been How a Dead Russian Guides My Investment Philosophy.  I know that several comments were made indicating that the reader learned something new.  I hope that they can take some of the information away that led me to purchase gold and silver in the mid-2000’s.  These purchases have been my most successful.  I think identifying the longer term trends is the most important part of investing, and I would hope this post helps other do just that.

5.  A Post Whose Success Surprised You

That would have to be My Mom Thinks Hedonics are Crap.  I have been on an inflation kick recently since I am seeing the cost of gasoline and food (especially Velveeta) go through the roof.  Everyone knows that the budget is getting squeezed but the government continues to report minimal levels of inflation.  I guess it just hits close to home.

6.  A Post You Feel Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved

This one is easy.  Saving Money is Good for the Environment was my fifth post and got absolutely no comments at all.  I think part of it was the fact that it was so early and I had so few readers at the time.  I am sure that many of the frugal bloggers feel the same way.  About 3 weeks ago, I took my aluminum cans in for recycling and got $59.  Yippee!

7.  The Post that You are Most Proud Of

I am particularly partial to How to Turbo Charge Dividend Income with Call Options.  I feel this way for several reasons.  First of all, there are a lot of dividend investors so I think this information is incredibly useful.  Second, I am actually doing this in my retirement account with my recent purchase of Intel stock.  I plan on writing another post to detail those transactions in the future, but I think that the ideas are something that could used to generate more cash flow out of  a stock in addition to the dividends.

Fun Project

I think this was a fun project.  I enjoyed looking back through what I had written.  Hopefully, some of my new readers will get a chance to look back and see what they might have missed.  I think it would be fun to do this annually, so maybe next summer, I could do it again.


Finally, the last part of the project is to nominate 5 other bloggers and keep the “chain” going.  It seems like most of the financial bloggers that I read have already participated so I will jump genres and move to nominate some of the bloggers that I read who work to make money online.

Felicia at No Job for Mom.  She is incredibly professional, driven, inspiring and successful.  I have learned a lot from Felicia.

Master Dayton at Master Dayton.  He has been very encouraging to me over the past few years as I struggle online.

Lis Sowerbutts has a funny name and a great writing style.  She is living the dream of making money online building up from nothing to thousands per month.

Ruth from Web Career Girl has been very supportive during my time writing.  She is a faithful reader and has developed her own method of making money online.  She wants to travel while making passive income.  I bet she will be able to do it.

Finally (but not because I think any less of her) is Deanna from Write Moms.  She is another supportive individual who is a professional author and has published print books.  She is writing online and enjoying the experience.  I always enjoy her comments at my other blog.

I am sure that some of them read this blog since they are supportive of my online efforts.  I might have to contact some as well.  I would certainly look forward to seeing what they all have to say about the Seven Links Project.  I know that I would enjoy learning a little bit more from each of them.

Final Thoughts

I haven’t been able to post as much recently since I spent the past few days working on a new site with my daughter.  We have some Cockapoo puppies that are not quite 3 weeks old, and my wife wanted a site to advertise and show the puppies.  So, I have been helping with that.  I am sure that some of you will want to see the puppies, so I am including a link to

I hope to be able to get back to posting on a more regular basis and get my investment philosophy for Kondratiev winter up soon.

Feel free to comment on the puppies (especially if you would like one) or the site.

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