How We Got Free Satellite Radio

With our most recent vehicle purchase, we received a one year free trial of XM satellite radio.  This free trial will end in the next two months so I have been preparing the family especially the teenagers for this eventuality since I refuse to pay for this service.  Well, it turns out that they really don’t care since they have their own way of getting free satellite radio.  This is just one of those ways of finding a cheaper alternative to achieve a similar lifestyle without adding additional cost.

It turns out that my college age daughter has been listening to Pandora on her smart phone and is able to run it through the speaker system of the car.  She has several “stations” set up through Pandora’s service and can really live without the satellite radio.  Pandora’s service is just as good anyway.  You don’t have to worry about getting out of range on a long drive and the occasional ads which allow the service to be free are certainly tolerable.

I used my Droid phone this weekend to listen to the station that I set up while driving in a section of Illinois that had five radio stations, four of which were country music.  It worked out very well and provided some needed entertainment on a long, solitary drive.  The ads appeared every five or six songs.  It was really only one ad for Living Social which ended up being pretty short.  Mostly, I was able to listen to music from the 80’s which I hadn’t heard in a long time.

I am actually enjoying the concept of Pandora although I would never pay money for the service.  Not that it wouldn’t necessarily be worth it, but why pay for something that I can get for free.  I would revert to the regular radio rather than pay.  That is why I wonder whether the business model of Pandora is really worth all that much.  They will have to depend on advertising, but could do OK if they get enough market share of listeners.  As far as investing in Pandora stock, that is a post for another day.

Thanks for reading all of my free content and feel free to comment.

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