Welcome to Cash Flow Mantra!

Many dream about financial freedom but so few actually achieve it.  Financial freedom is easy in theory but can be difficult in practice.  Whether you make $1000 per month or $1 million, if you spend more than you make, you will never be free financially.  That’s what Cash Flow Mantra is about–taking the necessary steps to move from debit spending to living within one’s means to using that excess cash flow for generating passive income.

Mantra comes from the Sanskrit word which, when literally translated, means “instrument of thought”.  It is hoped that this blog will serve as an instrument to stimulate thinking and discussion on ways to improve your individual or business cash flow.  I know that I will be working to along with my readers to improve my cash flow with the goal of becoming financially free.

As alluded to earlier, Cash Flow Mantra will seek to assist you in managing your debt in such a way as to improve cash flow, become debt free, use the excess cash to invest so that these investments ultimately produce enough income to meet the basic expenses of life.  The amounts of cash required will be different for each reader, but it is hoped that together we can all improve our financial situation.

So won’t you join me in the first steps of this wonderful journey toward financial freedom?  It will take some effort and may be a long journey, but the destination will certainly be worth it.


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